Unicare Nitrile GU003 (M)


Disposable gloves are a necessity to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses. The medical industry and beauty sector need a superior level of hygiene to safeguard the health of professionals and customers. We sell top-quality DUESBERG nitrile blue gloves for medical examination, which are high-performing 5mil thick powder-free blue-colored ambidextrous gloves made for medical use. As these gloves are 100% nitrile, they provide complete safety and good resistance against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other chemicals.

Jetpro Healthcare stocks an extensive range of nitrile gloves, specially designed for people who are sensitive to latex. We sell nitrile gloves that offer full hygiene protection when you wrap up your hands. Our main aim is to provide the maximum value to our clients, and we leave no stone unturned to deliver the best products to our clients worldwide.

Nitrile rubber gloves are more resistant to acids and chemicals. They have superior strength and are three times puncture-resistant than latex gloves. Such gloves are suitable for wearing for an extended period of time, and have a longer shelf life. We are vigilant about selecting the products from reliable manufacturers, and so, you can be assured that you would get great medical products at affordable prices.